Contact Sifu Dimitri Mougdis for Classical Tai Chi Training

Sifu Dimitri Mougdis and his team of instructors at the Internal Arts Institute offer several learning opportunities for advanced, beginning, and senior Tai Chi students:

  1. Online training course now available. Sign up here.

  2. In-person classroom training at our studio in Stuart, Florida. (Many students travel to stay for a few weeks - let us know if you need a list of hotels in the area.)
    • Classical Yang (Yeung) Family Tai Chi Chuan (offered in group or private training.)
    • Tai Chi Training for Seniors: Tai Chi Chuan classes curated for seniors to improve posture, balance, strength, flexibility, and anti-aging.
    • Pan Gu Mystical Qigong
    • Tai Chi Chuan Qigong
    • Advanced classes in over 12 Tai Chi forms

I am interested in PRIVATE in-person instruction by appointment $150 per hour (check all that apply)
Also known as Knife (I, II and III)
Group Instruction in Classical Yang Family Tai Chi and Qigong. $95-$135 per month for beginner level, $135-$195 per month for advanced level
(a mixture of forms, dependent on the level of students)
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My experience at the Internal Arts Institute in Stuart is complete satisfaction with the results I see from the practice and instruction provided the physical, mental, and even spiritual aspects are much more than I expected. The combination of sifu Dimitri's intuitive style for each individual and the unselfish assistance of the senior students make the class an extraordinary experience-all in a very friendly and supportive atmosphere. Phil Morgan
Meeting Dimitri has been a pivotal moment in my life, having been a student since 2001, the art of Tai Chi has enhanced and enriched my life in every aspect. I know from what I have learned in the last ten years, that finding the Internal Arts Institute is finding the essence of Tai Chi or the jewel of the Internal Arts. Dimitri has attained a personal level of skill that can only be described as profound and continues to evolve, this includes the talent to teach this art to any student regardless of their ability, he is a source of inspiration. I am student for life. Thank you Dimitri. John Hetherington