Tai Chi & Qigong Classes available in Stuart Florida

Offering a curriculum of classical Yeung (Yang) family forms for self-defense, Tai Chi Chuan Qigong and Pan Gu Mystical Qigong, the Internal Arts Institute works with students of any level. Intense, customized instruction based on each student's strengths, weaknesses, and personal goals is offered in group, private, and in the fall, also with online classes. Sifu Dimitri Mougdis leads his students in ongoing training in over 12 forms with the introspection that only a seasoned, lineage teacher can offer. 

Tai Chi Chung Chuan long form is an advanced form in the Tai Chi Chuan system and is a prerequisite for other classes.

In-person group classroom training at our studio in Stuart Florida

  • Classic Yang Family Style Tai Chi  
  • Tai Training for Seniors ( Tai Chi classes curated for seniors to improve posture, balance, strength, flexibility, and anti-aging.
  • Qigong
  • Pan Gu Mystical Qigong

Private Instruction 

  • Available to all levels and ages, beginners to advanced.

Additional Versions of Tai Chi Chuan available after the student completes the long form.

  • Large Frame
  • Small Frame
  • Returning Tai Chi 1
  • ReturningTai Chi 2
  • Returning Tai Chi 3

Advanced methods available after the long-form is completed

  • Dynamic Push Hands
  • Single/Double Join Push Hands
  • Live Step Push Hands & Four Corner Pulling
  • 2 Man Sparring set
  • Sear/Staff
  • Tai Chi Fast Fist
  • Application Form
  • Power Development
  • Qi Gong Training

Online Classes coming in Fall of 2021

  • Returning Tai Chi Part 1
  • Senior Tai Chi For Health and Wellness (Senior Tai Chi classes for posture, balance, strength, flexibility, and anti-aging) 
  • Qigong
Sifu Dimitri is a combination of my favorite teacher, best coach, and closest friend. He has the skill, knowledge, sensitivity, honesty, and dedication to transmit his life of learning and teaching Tai Chi Chuan. Fortunate for me, I have found a master and mentor in Dimitri who is unsurpassed in my experience of nearly 70 years.
Gary Reeves